The Benefits of Partnering with DRC Outsourcing

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Grow & Expand Your Business
Through DCR, your business can focus on moving forward. Forget the daunting paperwork and people issues that consume time, money and resources. Our human resource and business process experts will manage your distractions with efficiency and expertise, so you can focus on your mission, competitive position and bottom line.

Control Costs
DCR helps control operational, HR and benefits administration costs. Forget the expense of purchasing, operating and maintaining excess technology and software. 

Offer Exceptional Benefits at Affordable Rates
DCR knows controlling healthcare costs is of critical importance to employers and that great benefits are a key to attracting, maintaining and satisfying talented employees. Through DCR you are afforded access to Fortune 500 level benefits at affordable rates. Couple that with our patented health and wellness program, which further reduces costs and improves company culture, your business will thrive! 

Protect Your Business
DCR’s business is protecting your business. The ever-changing regulatory and government compliance list is truly overwhelming. Our experts relieve you of compliance burden and worry. Risk Management? We have you covered there, too. From first report to case closure and in-depth facility assessments and trainings, you can be confident your potential for workplace hazards and injuries will be reduced and managed.

Ask us about our patented risk management and wellness program and how it can help you control costs, improve company culture and satisfy employees!

Gain a Personal Human Resource & Business Process Partner
Our professionals are ready to help you. With DCR, you gain direct access to every team member—no automated phone service. Your business’ success is our success and priority.


The Outcomes of High Performing Organizations

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What's the DCR Difference? So Much More . . .



  • $5,200 for payroll
  • Fee for HR services through "sister" company
  • No flex program for employees or HSA
  • 401(k)
  • $5,000 in employee management training fees
  • $7,000 in legal fees
  • No short- or long-term disability program for employees


  • All-inclusive HR services per proposal
  • An expert team to investigate HR issues and lead legal matters
  • Experienced professionals to lead/fight unemployment claims
  • Ability to have health insurance shopped for best deal using one application; potential savings on medical and dental plans
  • Voluntary vision, legal, cancer and other insurance plans for employees
  • $25,000 life insurance policy for each employee compliments of DCR
  • EPL insurance
  • Short- & long-term disability for employees
  • Flex program and administration
  • HSA (Health Savings Account)
  • Online Payroll and Benefits system for employees and management
  • MERSC discount program for employees
  • A dedicated account manager who ensures management and staff have swift, accurate answers to questions and that your organization is utilizing all the available services